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Custer State Park

Custer State Park

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Online Practice

As a PLC, we have created resources for students to use to practice at home in preparation for tests.

The first one is Quizlet. The account is free for teachers to sign up and students do not need a login. It's great for vocabulary practice. Things your students can do with Quizlet:

  • Take practice tests and receive immediate feedback on performance
  • Play Scatter: version of memory where the student matches definitions to the term while a timer goes
  • Play Gravity: answer questions before an asteroid hits the planet
  • Flashcards: digital versions of flashcards that can include pictures and pronunciations, if you choose to add them

The second is a newer option to my school district. We have begun GAFE training for our students and one of the apps you can use is Google Forms. Google Forms is great for working like a review guide because students can practice both vocabulary, labeling and processes. We have it set up so students can use a Form as many times as they desire. When paired with Flubaroo, students can receive instant feedback on their performance after you have created an answer key.

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