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Custer State Park

Custer State Park

Saturday, April 30, 2016


ClassDojo is free data app. You create classes that allow you to track positive and negative behaviors, along with randomly selecting students and keeping attendance. There are inspirational videos and ways to upload photos of your class to share with parents. When you select a positive behavior, your smart device/computer gives off a happy chime. When you select a negative behavior, you hear a deflating noise. You can create reports of behaviors and attendance over any period of time.

This is how I use it:

  • Attendance: I keep track of who is in my class and who is not. There are often times that my students are present at school, but not in class. This allows me to keep track of students who are present for the lesson.
  • "Random Monster": This is what I call the random name generator. I use it to cold call my students so that everyone is accountable and no one feels picked on. It has made a huge difference in participation in my bell ringers. (Plus, then I don't have to grade the bell ringers. Peer pressure is a powerful motivator.)
  • Behavior: I use the "no homework" button to track when students forget their homework. This allows me to quickly see if there are patterns forming, because their monster will show how many points they have lost.
  • No sound/sharing: I keep the data just to myself. You can allow parents to log in to see how their student is doing, but I want it solely to be for me. I would rather communicate concerns in a more direct manner.
I believe this app can have a lot of power for making me more objective because students are randomly selected to answer questions and I can see numbers.

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