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Custer State Park

Custer State Park

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Red, Blue, and Black Ink Activity

Something I have learned from my PLC is this pen activity for comprehension checks using different colored pens on a worksheet. In science, our review sheets typically have vocabulary, comparisons, and a little bit of analyzing. This is done shortly after the direct instruction piece, but never the same day as the material is introduced or assessed. It's a diagnostic tool.

The students are given anywhere from 8-10 minutes for a single-sided worksheet. (I usually allot one minute per question.) 
  1. Students work independently using the black pen. This represents what they know or believe they know. 
  2. Students go up front, where I have a cup of blue pens placed and partner up with the first person they see grabbing a blue pen. Together, they review their answers and help each other fill in any gaps.
  3. Students grab a red pen and work independently again. This time, they are allowed to use their book or notes to fill in the remaining pieces and double check their work.
I emphasize to my students that areas that are in blue and red should be fewer than the black ink. Their goal is to practice the areas of the blue and red ink.

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